Xiaohong  Sun

Assistant Professor, Food Bioscience

Xiaohong Sun

Email: xiaohong.sun@dal.ca
Phone: 902-893-6351
Mailing Address: 
Department of Plant, Food, and Environmental Sciences Agricultural Campus PO Box 550 Truro, NS, B2N 5E3


· Ph.D., Food Science and Technology, University of Alberta, 2017

· MEng, Cereals, Oils and Vegetable Protein Engineering, Jiangnan University,    2008

· BEng, Food Science and Engineering, Harbin University of Commerce, 2006

Research vision and interests:

Dr. Sun’s research aims to apply innovative processing technologies for improvement of health benefits, nutritional quality, and functionality of food proteins, to add value to by-products from food, agriculture, and aquaculture, to develop new protein-based food products with healthy, sustainable, and sensory attributes, and to understand their underlying fundamental mechanisms.

Primary research interests include:

· Effects of food processing on the physicochemical, functional, nutritional, biological, structural, and sensory properties of food proteins

· Identification of novel food-derived bioactive peptides and elucidation of the underlying mechanism

· Modification of plant-based proteins for enhanced functionality by physical, chemical, and enzymatic approaches

· Development of novel plant-based food products as alternative protein sources

· Designing novel food macromolecule-based nanocarriers for encapsulation, protection, sustained release, and site-specific delivery of bioactive compounds

Selected Publications (‘*’ denotes the corresponding author):

1.     Sun, X.H.*, Zhang, S.Y., Ren, J., and Udenigwe, C.C.* (2022) Sialic acid-based strategies for the prevention and treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection: Emerging trends in food industry. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 62(7):1713-1724.

2.     Sun, X.H.*, Abioye, R.O., Okagu, O., and Udenigwe, C.C.* (2022) Peptide-mucin binding and biosimilar mucus-permeating properties. Gels, 8(1):1.

3.     Sun, X.H.#, Sarteshnizi, R.A.#, and Udenigwe, C.C.* (2022). Recent advances in protein-polyphenol interactions focusing on structural properties related to antioxidant activities. Current Opinion in Food Science, 45: 100840.

4.     Sun, X.H., Acquah, C., Gazme, B., Boachie, R.T., Nwachukwu, I.D., and Udenigwe, C.C.* (2021) Mechanisms of plastein formation influence the IgE-binding activity of egg white protein hydrolysates after simulated static digestion. Food Chemistry, 345: 128783.

5.     Ren, J., Li, S.J., Song, C.L.*, Sun, X.H.*, and Liu, X.L. (2021) Black soybean-derived peptides exerted protective effect against alcohol-induced liver injury in mice. Journal of Functional Foods, 87: 104828.

6.     Sun, X.H.*, Zhang, S.Y., Udenigwe, C.C., Ren, J., Li, S.N., Wang, H., and Liu, X.L.* (2020) Wheat germ-derived peptides exert anti-adhesive activity against Helicobacter pylori: Insights into structural characteristics of identified peptides. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 68: 11954-11974. (Featured as the Supplementary Journal Cover)

7.     Sun, X.H., Sarteshnizi, R.A., Boachie, R.T., Okagu, O.D., Abioye, R., Neves, R.P., Ohanenye, I.C., and Udenigwe, C.C.* (2020) Peptide-mineral complexes: Understanding their chemical interactions, bioavailability, and potential application in mitigating micronutrient deficiency. Foods, 9: 1402.

8.     Sun, X.H., Ohanenye, I. C., Ahmed, T., and Udenigwe, C.C.* (2020) Microwave treatment increased protein digestibility of pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) flour: Elucidation of underlying mechanisms. Food Chemistry, 127196.

9.     Sun, X.H. and Udenigwe, C.C.* (2020) Chemistry and biofunctional significance of bioactive peptide interactions with food and gut components. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 68 (46): 12972-12977.

10.  Sun, X.H., Acquah, C., Aluko, R., and Udenigwe, C.C.* (2020) Considering food matrix and gastrointestinal effects in enhancing bioactive peptide absorption and bioavailability. Journal of Functional Foods, 64: 103680

11.  Sun, X.H.* and Nandika, B. (2019) Applications of reverse micelle technique in food science: A comprehensive review. Trends in Food Science and Technology, 91: 106-115.

12.  Sun, X.H., Gänzle, M., and Wu, J.P.* (2019) Glycopeptides from egg white ovomucin inhibit K88ac enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli adhesion to porcine small intestinal epithelial cell-line. Journal of Functional Foods, 54: 320-328.

13.  Sun, X.H., Huang, J., Zeng, H.B.*, and Wu, J.P.* (2018) Protein-resistant property of egg white ovomucin under different pHs and ionic strengths. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 66: 11034-11042.

14.  Sun, X.H. and Wu, J.P.* (2017) Food derived anti-adhesive components against bacterial adhesion: Current progresses and future perspectives. Trends in Food Science & Technology, 69: 148-156.

15.  Sun, X.H., Gänzle, M., and Wu, J.P.* (2017) Identification and characterization of glycopeptides from egg protein ovomucin with anti-agglutinating activity against porcine K88 enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli strains. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 65: 777-783.

A full publication record is available on google scholar or researchgate.




CHMA 3011 - Fundamentals of Food Chemistry (Fall 2022)


·2019  NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship

· 2021  Postdoctoral Fellowship in Nutrition and Mental Health, University of Ottawa

Memberships and Affiliations

· Member of American Oil Chemists' Society (AOCS)

· Member of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)

· Member of Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology (CIFST)