Claude Caldwell

Professor Emeritus (Retired)

Phone: (902) 893.6680
Mailing Address: 
Department of Plant, Food, and Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture
Agricultural Campus
PO Box 550
Truro, NS, B2N 5E3
Research Topics:
  • New crop development
  • Cropping systems
  • Cereal and oilseed crop physiology management
  • Water relations and environmental stress effects on crops
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Agroecology


  • B.Sc.(Hon.) (Mount Allison) - Biology
  • M.Sc.(Dalhousie) - Physiological Ecology
  • Ph.D (East Anglia) - Plant Biophysics

Current research projects

  • Management of New Cereal Cultivars for Economic Return
  • Identifivation of novel-use oilseeds for the Maritime Provinces
  • Regional Cooperative Cereal and Oilseed Tests
  • Development of Triticale as an Alternative Grain Crop
  • Development of products from Camelina sativa and Brassica carinata
  • Galathamine from daffodils

International interests

  • Community-Based Resource Management; Issues in Sustainability, Livelihood & Equity
  • Curriculum Development for Agricultural Resource Management
  • Agri-Education for Extension in Cambodia
  • Post-Harvest Management to Improve Livelihoods (PHMIL) in Ethiopia


  • Member, Atlantic Provinces Cultivar Cereal Task Group
  • Member, Board of Directors of the Canadian Seed Growers Association (CSGA)

Selected publications

  • J. D. Wilson, V.D. Zheliazkov, B. Rathgeber, C.D. Caldwell 2008. Reduction in phosphorus availability in poultry and dairy manure by mineral amendments. Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 54:600-605
  • V.J. Zheliazkov, K.M. Bowes, C.D. Caldwell, J.A. Pincock, J.C. Roberts and L. Mapplebeck 2008 Cultivar and sowing effects on seed yield and oil composition of coriander in Atlantic Canada. Industrial Crops and Products 28:88-94
  • S.D. Urbaniak1, C.D. Caldwell1,2, V.D. Zheljazkov3, R. Lada1 and L. Luan2008 The effect of cultivar and applied nitrogen on the performance of Camelina sativa L. in the Maritime Provinces of Canada Can J Plant Sci88:111-119.
  • S.D. Urbaniak1, C.D. Caldwell1,2, V.D. Zheljazkov3, R. Lada1 and L. Luan 2008 The Effect of Seeding Rate, Seeding Date and Seeder Type on the Performance of Camelina sativa L. in the Maritime Provinces of Canada Can J Pl Sci 88:501-508
  • F.C. Pettipas, R.R. Lada, C.D. Caldwell and P. Warman 2008 Critical tissue identification and soil-plant nutrient relationships in dicer carrot Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 29:1-26