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Linkr Launch – Dal AC

Posted by stephanie rogers on August 25, 2021 in News

Linkr is a new platform that is now available to all instructors at the Faculty of Agriculture. Linkr will help us facilitate groups of practice around international/intercultural learning opportunities, exchange & mobility programs, experiential learning, and will help instructors make connections with instructors & students from institutions around the world. Linkr allows people from other institutions to join your group or class without needing a Dal account or special access to Dal systems.

Please join us on Aug 31 from 9:00 – 10:00 AM as we demonstrate this new teaching tool and talk about the possible activities that can be done through the platform. RSVP to

Linkr use cases:

  • Sharing resources and ideas around international/intercultural/interdisciplinary learning (COIL)
  • Sharing best practices, tips, ideas, for course delivery to international locations
  • Establishing pre-departure orientation groups for students participating in mobility or exchange programs
  • Linking students from Dal AC with students in other settings (at other institutions, around the globe, etc.) to reflect on, or complete, learning activities together such as:
    • Short timeframe reflections on how agricultural practices or scenarios differs around the world,
    • Longer-term collaborations on course projects, data collection, etc.