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Special soccer ball brings back memories

Posted by stephanie rogers on March 12, 2020 in News
Dr. Ivan Joseph
Dr. Ivan Joseph

When this autographed soccer ball was recently discovered in a storage closet in the Langille Athletic Centre, the Alumni office knew it would have special meaning for former athletes. And one name in particular stood out.

It was the simple and neat printing of “Ivan Joseph”.

A quick email to Dalhousie’s Assistant Vice-Provost, Student Affairs, Dr. Ivan Joseph and an even quicker response in capital letters had us all bubbling with excitement!

Although Dr. Joseph did not attend the former NSAC himself, his dad, Ivan Joseph is a proud member of NSAC’s Class of ’73.   

Dr. Joseph happily accepted the soccer ball at his Halifax office in late fall. He was then more than pleased to return the soccer ball to his dad, in Ontario, during a Christmas visit.

“To say my dad was pleased with the championship ball from the 1972 Nova Scotia Agricultural College team was an understatement,” said Dr. Joseph in a December 26 Twitter post. “First thing he did was go deep into the closet to bring out the jacket. The circle is complete!”