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Creativity & Innovation BOOTCAMP

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on March 5, 2019 in News

The Creativity and Innovation Bootcamp provides an opportunity to discover more about your ability to create unique and impactful solutions to real-world problems.

Throughout the bootcamp, you will experience new ways of  approaching problem-solving; tools and mindsets that will unleash your creative potential and amplify your capacity for innovative problem-solving. The core of the program is human-centred design.

Open to all Nova Scotia post-secondary students

When:  April 28 - May 9
Where: Acadia University

If you are accepted:

  1. Meals are Provided FREE
  2. Accommodation is FREE
  3. Travel costs to/from Bootcamp are provided
  4. You get $1000
Complete the form to apply  (you will be contacted to discuss next steps):