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Food Evolution

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on October 27, 2017 in News
Food Evolution to be screened on the Agricultural Campus November 30th
Food Evolution to be screened on the Agricultural Campus November 30th

In the GMO debate, both pro and anti camps claim science is on their side. Who’s right? Food Evolution shows how easily misinformation, confusion and fear can overwhelm objective analysis. How do we ensure that our global food supply is safe and that everyone has enough to eat? How do we feed the world while also protecting the planet? Has genetic engineering increased or decreased pesticide use? Are GMO foods bad for your health? And, most importantly, what data, evidence and sources are we using to approach these important questions

In a debate in which all sides claim to be on the side of science, Food Evolution brings a fresh perspective to one of the most critical issues facing global society today. The film explores the controversy surrounding GMO’s and food and wrestles with the emotions and the science driving one of the most heated arguments of our time.

Panel discussion to follow. Panel members include Dr. Nancy McLean, Department of Plant, Food and Environmental sciences; Matthew Schnurr, Department of International Development Studies and André Leu President, IFOAM - Organics International Author, The Myths of Safe Pesticides

Moderator: Dr. Chris Cutler

For more information contact (902) 893-6022