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Come Try the New Touch Display Technology

Posted by Nancy Pitts on July 28, 2017 in News

Dean Gray has provided funds to purchase and install 8 additional Touch Display Monitors as teaching/learning support in our classrooms. Two of these units are set up in the ET&D office (Haley 236) for campus instructors to explore and develop confidence with. Starting August 1st, you can just drop in anytime when the ET&D office is open. Instructions will be beside the equipment. A somewhat experienced user (N Pitts) will be on hand August 3rd (9-11:30), August 4th (9-11:30) and August 9th (1:30-3:00). Customized technical training can be arranged by contacting Linda Jack or Sondra Mantle.

These, as well as the existing 2 Cintiq models from last year will be in classrooms starting September. Based on the online survey, they will be located in Haley 114, Haley 116, and Haley 200; Cox 24, Cox 31, Cox 138 and Cox 257; and Collins. One of these is for online course development and is located in the Panopto Recording Studio (Haley 266).