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Posted by stephanie rogers on March 24, 2014 in News

On average, food items travel 1500 miles before arriving at your table 7-14 days after being harvested. This means more steps and more middlemen between the farmer and you.  US numbers say that farmers earn an average of 7¢ - 20¢ for every dollar paid for their final product. 

The Localvore Movement encourages consumers to support their local agricultural economies and purchase their food through local farmers, Farmers' Markets, or through Community Supported Agriculture.  Some believe that a 100-Mile Diet, where you aim to source as much of your food within a 100-Mile radius, is a key way to reduce the Ecological Footprint of your food choices.  Others prefer a local diet because they feel more secure in knowing exactly where their food comes from.  

For some light reading on the issue:

What do you think about the Localvore movement?  Do you think it is a sound investment in the local economy?  With frequent food recalls in industrial agriculture (Listeria in cheese, beef contaminated with E. coli, etc.), should people be concerned about industrial food safety?  And does purchasing from a local source alleviate this worry?  Do you think about the climate impact of your food choices?

All this and more at this week's Ruminate: Tuesday, March 25th from 12:30-1:30 in the Douglas Room in Cumming Hall.  

Hope to see you there!

Carolyn & Rosalie