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Innovation Key to Farming of the Future

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on April 19, 2013 in Research, News, Learning That Lasts, Alumni & Friends

The Province is supporting innovation and research at the Dalhousie agricultural campus in Truro that will grow healthier plants, the economy and the future of farming.

"The Province is helping people get ready for good jobs around the corner," ministerial assistant Lenore Zann, on behalf of Economic and Rural Development Minister Percy Paris, said yesterday on campus. "Funding research and innovation in agriculture will ensure this rich industry of our past continues to thrive well into our future."

Dr. Chris Cutler and MLA Lenore Zann

Chris Cutler, a researcher from Dalhousie’s faculty of agriculture, is developing ways to improve plant health, better manage insect populations and protect the environment by reducing the amount of chemicals needed.

Research in Dr. Culter’s lab centers on achieving agricultural sustainability through better management of insects.  Insects are absolutely necessary for food production, but they also can cause tremendous problems for growers.  Dr. Cutler and his team try to help growers develop and use management strategies that combat their insect foes, while promoting populations of insect friends, like pollinators and natural enemies of pests.  They use a range of ecological, toxicological and molecular techniques to tackle these problems for farmers.