Agri-Education for Extension Project - 2006-2011

The Agri-Education for Extension project was developed to increase agricultural productivity in Cambodia by contributing to more effective agricultural extension services in the country through improved training for agriculture students and extension workers.

China and Vietnam

Community Based Conservation Management - 1998-2003

The CBCM project focused on capacity building in community based conservation management with partner institutions in China and Vietnam. The project assisted the Chinese and Vietnamese universities in developing interdisciplinary expertise in the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources, including biodiversity and ecosystems. It included pilot projects at the community level involving training and involvement of university personnel and community groups, gender issues, development of on-going university linkages and comprehensive reporting mechanisms.

Sichuan Wenjang Agricultural College - 1998-1996

This project involved technical assistance and customized training in environmental protection and management. 

Agricultural College of Hunan University - 1987-1994

Two consecutive projects included staff development through specialized instruction in China and short customized training and graduate training courses at the Faculty of Agriculture in a variety of subject areas.


Farm to Market Enterprise Development (FMED) - 1999

Agri-business and marketing advisors from the Faculty of Agriculture contributed to this CIDA-funded project.


Agricultural Technical Institute - 1986-1987

Faculty of Agriculture personnel provided technical assistance to the staff of this institute on-site, as well as offering customized training courses for Thai trainees at The Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus.