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Welcome to DASA!

We are the official student group of the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus, providing voice, leadership and vision for all students in the agricultural disciplines.

Our Team:

President: Jeremy Stroud (JeremyStroud@Outlook.com)
VP Finance: Ella Wood (el872256@dal.ca)
VP Administration: Cora Sharp (cora.sharp@dal.ca)
VP External Affairs: Mollie Pickard (Mollie.Pickard@dal.ca)
VP Internal Affairs: Kamryn Findlay (kamryn.findlay@dal.ca)
Manager: Patricia Jeffcock (patricia.jeffcock@dal.ca)

Drop by Cox 32 on campus to hear what we're all about. Also, check out our Facebook Page (Dalhousie Agricultural Students' Association) to keep in the loop with current events!