Certificate in Genetics and Molecular Biology

Certificates recognize students who have achieved a level of proficiency or specialization in a particular area or subject.

The Certificate in Genetics & Molecular Biology provides a range of genetic and molecular biology theory and techniques for those interested in expanding their knowledge and skills beyond the introductory level or pursuing graduate studies.

This program prepares students to explain the importance of genetic diversity, propose genetic solutions to constraints in plant or animal production systems and argue the pros and cons of genetic engineering.

This certificate is open to students eligible for admission to or enrolled in a BSc or BSc (Agr) program at either of Dalhousie’s Halifax or Truro campuses.

Certificate Requirements

Total of 15 credit hours required to be completed within 5 years (maximum).

Required Courses

BIOA2000 Cell Biology
GENE2000 Genetics I
GENE3000 An Introduction to Molecular Genetics

Optional Courses

Any TWO from the list below:

ANSC3000 Animal Breeding
GENE3001 Population and Quantitative Genetics
GENE4000 Molecular Applications to Animal Production
GENE4003 Biotechnology
GENE4004 Laboratory Techniques in Genomics
PLSC4000 Plant Breeding

To inquire further about the requirements for the Certificate in Genetics & Molecular Biology, please contact Program Coordinator, Nancy McLean (nancy.mclean@dal.ca).