Academic Advising


Academic Advising at the Student Success Centre

  • Phone: (902) 893-6729
  • Email:
  • In-person: Student Success Centre, Dairy Building

Program Specific Advising

Program Advisor Phone Number  Email
Bachelor of Technology Environmental Horticulture Tracey MacKenzie 902.893.6687
Bachelor of Technology  Landscape Architecture Ed Versteeg
Bachelor of Technology Small Business Management Iona Green 902.893.6698
BSc (Agr) Agricultural Business  Diane Dunlop  902.893.6307
BSc (Agr) Agricultural Economics Diane Dunlop  902.893.6307
BSc (Agr) Aquaculture  Audrie-Jo McConkey 902.893.3951
BSc (Agr) Aquaculture  Scott Jeffrey 902.893.3467
BSc (Agr) Environmental Sciences Brandon Heung 902.893.6630
BSc (Agr) IEM  Gordon Price 902.896.2461
BSc (Agr) Plant Science Nancy McLean 902.893.7821
BSc (Agr) Undeclared Keltie Jones 902.893.6019
BSc (Agr) HONOURS - (Ag Bus and Ag Econ majors) Diane Dunlop  902.893.6307
BSc (Agr) HONOURS - (Animal Science, Aquaculture) Leslie MacLaren 902.893.6645
BSc (Agr) HONOURS - (Environmental Sciences) Svetlana Yurgel 902.893.6003
BSc (Agr) HONOURS - (IEM major) Peter Havard  902.893.6713
BSc (Agr) HONOURS - (Plant Science) Nancy McLean 902.893.7821
Diploma in Engineering Peter Havard 902.8936713
Bachelor of Agriculture International Food Business  Heather-Anne Grant  902.896.2232
Pre-Veterinary Studies Janine Gray 902.896.2290
Pre-Veterinary Studies Leslie MacLaren 902.893.6645
Pre-Veterinary Studies Miriam Gordon 902.893.8055
Pre-Veterinary Studies Sarah Gatti-Yorke 902.893.6647 Sarah.Gatti-Yorke@Dal.Ca
Viticulture Articulation with Brock David Percival 902.893.7852
Technology - Business Management – all streams Gillian Fraser 902.893.6024
Technology - Business Management – all streams Iona Green 902.893.6698
Technology - Business Management - First Year (All streams)  Diane Dunlop  902.893.6307
Technology - Managed Landscapes  Tracey MacKenzie 902.893.6687
Technology - Plant Science Shannon Kilyanek 902.893.6677
Technology - Vet Tech  Chastity Spears 902.893.8146
Technology - Vet Tech  Laurel MacIntosh 902.893.6658
Technology - Vet Tech  Lori D Parsons 902.893.6648
Technology - Vet Tech  Marla MacKay 902.893.2451
BSc Bioveterinary Science/BSc (Agr) Animal Science / Pre-vet     
1st year, last names starting with A-L Sarah Gatti-Yorke 902.893.6647 Sarah.Gatti-Yorke@Dal.Ca
1st year, last names starting with M-Z Leslie MacLaren 902.893.6645
2nd year Leslie MacLaren
Margie Hartling 902.893.8101 MHartling@Dal.Ca
David Barrett 902.896.2305
3rd and 4th Year BSc (Agr) Animal Science Miriam Gordon 902.893.8055
3rd and 4th Year BSc Bioveterinary Science Janine Gray 902.896.2290