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Academic Advising


Academic Advising at the Student Success Centre

  • Phone: (902) 893-6729
  • Email: fyedalac@dal.ca
  • In-person: Student Success Centre, Dairy Building

Program Specific Advising

Program Advisor Phone Number  Email
Bachelor of Technology Environmental Horticulture Tracey MacKenzie 902.893.6687 tmackenzie@dal.ca
Bachelor of Technology  Landscape Architecture Heather Braiden 902.893.3605 hbraiden@dal.ca
Bachelor of Technology Small Business Management Iona Green 902.893.6698 iona.green@dal.ca
BSc (Agr) Agricultural Business  Diane Dunlop  902.893.6307 diane.dunlop@dal.ca
BSc (Agr) Agricultural Economics Diane Dunlop  902.893.6307 diane.dunlop@dal.ca
BSc (Agr) Aquaculture  Audrie-Jo McConkey 902.893.3951 amcconkey@dal.ca
BSc (Agr) Aquaculture  Scott Jeffrey 902.893.3467 scott.jeffrey@dal.ca
BSc (Agr) Environmental Sciences Robert France 902.893.6614 rfrance@dal.ca
BSc (Agr) IEM  Gordon Price 902.896.2461 gprice@dal.ca
BSc (Agr) Plant Science Nancy McLean 902.893.7821 nancy.mclean@dal.ca
BSc (Agr) Undeclared Keltie Jones 902.893.6019 keltie.jones@dal.ca
BSc (Agr) HONOURS - (Ag Bus and Ag Econ majors) Diane Dunlop  902.893.6307 diane.dunlop@dal.ca
BSc (Agr) HONOURS - (Animal Science, Aquaculture) Leslie MacLaren 902.893.6645 leslie.maclaren@dal.ca
BSc (Agr) HONOURS - (Environmental Sciences) Svetlana Yurgel 902.893.6003 syurgel@dal.ca
BSc (Agr) HONOURS - (IEM major) Peter Havard  902.893.6713 phavard@dal.ca
BSc (Agr) HONOURS - (Plant Science) Nancy McLean 902.893.7821 nancy.mclean@dal.ca
Diploma in Engineering Peter Havard 902.8936713 phavard@dal.ca
Bachelor of Agriculture International Food Business  Heather-Anne Grant  902.896.2232 h.grant@dal.ca
Pre-Veterinary Studies Janine Gray 902.896.2290 janine.gray@dal.ca
Pre-Veterinary Studies Leslie MacLaren 902.893.6645 leslie.maclaren@dal.ca
Pre-Veterinary Studies Miriam Gordon 902.893.8055 miriam.gordon@dal.ca
Pre-Veterinary Studies Sarah Gatti-Yorke 902.893.6647 Sarah.Gatti-Yorke@Dal.Ca
Viticulture Articulation with Brock David Percival 902.893.7852 david.percival@dal.ca
Technology - Business Management – all streams Gillian Fraser 902.893.6024 gillian.fraser@dal.ca
Technology - Business Management – all streams Iona Green 902.893.6698 iona.green@dal.ca
Technology - Business Management - First Year (All streams)  Diane Dunlop  902.893.6307 diane.dunlop@dal.ca
Technology - Managed Landscapes  Tracey MacKenzie 902.893.6687 tmackenzie@dal.ca
Technology - Plant Science Shannon Kilyanek 902.893.6677 skilyanek@dal.ca
Technology - Vet Tech  Chastity Spears 902.893.8146 cspears@dal.ca
Technology - Vet Tech  Laurel MacIntosh 902.893.6658 laurel.macintosh@dal.ca
Technology - Vet Tech  Lori D Parsons 902.893.6648 lori.parsons@dal.ca
Technology - Vet Tech  Marla MacKay 902.893.2451 marla.mackay@dal.ca
BSc Bioveterinary Science/BSc (Agr) Animal Science / Pre-vet     
1st year, last names starting with A-L Sarah Gatti-Yorke 902.893.6647 Sarah.Gatti-Yorke@Dal.Ca
1st year, last names starting with M-Z Leslie MacLaren 902.893.6645 leslie.maclaren@dal.ca
2nd year Leslie MacLaren
Margie Hartling 902.893.8101 MHartling@Dal.Ca
David Barrett 902.896.2305 david.barrett@dal.ca
3rd and 4th Year BSc (Agr) Animal Science Miriam Gordon 902.893.8055 miriam.gordon@dal.ca
3rd and 4th Year BSc Bioveterinary Science Janine Gray 902.896.2290 janine.gray@dal.ca