Dwane and Debbie Mellish

Class of 1975 and 1976

The 2007 Alumni Volunteer of the Year Award is presented to Dwane and Debbie Mellish Class of 1975 and 1976 respectively.

Dwane and Debbie Mellish are enthusiastic volunteers who truly enjoy giving back to their community and to their alma mater. Always willing to lend a hand, they have repeatedly volunteered during NSAC events and are very active in their community. They can always be counted on for their support and their caring nature is sure to put a smile on the faces of others.

Dwane graduated from NSAC in 1975 with Degree Course Diploma. He formed D. Mellish Advisory Services after leaving government service in 2001 and is also a full- time employee of Dairy Farmers of Nova Scotia. Dwane has been a member of the Bible Hill Fire Brigade for 26 years and currently holds the position of Fire Chief. He is a member of the Village of Bible Hill Emergency Planning Committee and Coordinator of the Colchester County Basic Fire fighter Program. He has been a member of school Parent Teacher Groups and the Village of Bible Hill Safety Advisory Committee. In 2006, he received the Long Term Service Award from the Village of Bible Hill for community volunteer service for a period of 25 years or longer.

Debbie graduated from NSAC in 1976 with a Biology Laboratory Technology Diploma and has since worked at NSAC for more than 20 years. She currently works in the Department of Environment Sciences and received the NSAC Award for Achievement in Teaching in 2003 for her energy, dedication and commitment to excellence. Debbie’s caring personality has made her an asset on many different committees, especially those involving community outreach. She has provided support and guidance on projects such as the NSAC Open House, Career Fair, Ag Challenge and the High School Introductory Program.

Some of Debbie's other activities include her involvement with the Bible Hill Fire Brigade and the Village Commission of Bible Hill. She has been awarded with a Letter of Commendation and a Gold Medal of Merit from the Colchester Area for her commitment to the community.

Debbie has also been involved with Girl Guides and Pathfinders for 19 years. She is currently a leader with the 2nd Bible Hill Pathfinder Unit, as well as one of the Provincial Deputy Commissioners and a Trainer. Debbie uses her passion as a teacher/mentor to train women with the organization in areas such as Conflict Resolution, Bullying and Bias Awareness. In 2006, she received the Girl Guides of Canada – Fortitude Award for her courage and endurance in adversity.

Dwane and Debbie also continue to make the well-being of NSAC students a top priority. Taking a special interest in our International students, they have given them the opportunity to take part in such things as “international potluck” suppers at their home.

Dwane and Debbie are wonderful ambassadors for the university and we are proud of their accomplishments. Perhaps the best legacy of Debbie and Dwane’s joint community service is that their three daughters, Courtney, Kendra and Maranda, seem to have inherited their caring attitude and willingness to help others.

Presented by Mr. Jim Goit, Executive Director Development and External Relations
October 20th, 2007