%N, %C, d15N and d13C in solid

Elementar MicroCube & Isoprime 100  

δ15N and δ13C in bulk organic and inorganic of solids

This system is an elemental analyzer (Elementar microCube) coupled to an isotope ratio mass spectrometer IRMS (Isoprime 100).


Filtered seawater samples or sediment samples are packed in tin capsules to obtain 80 ug N. The Vario Micro Cube is configured to run in CN mode and calibrated to obtain quantitative %C and %N. The technique consists of flash combusting samples at 1150˚C, reducing nitrogen and carbon compounds to N2 and CO2 products and separating the different elements with a temperature programmed desorption trap. These different gaseous components are then carried by ultrapure helium to the Isoprime 100 continuous flow isotope ratio mass spectrometer for d15N and d13C analysis.

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