Quick Notes

Briefings on research and collaboration

Quick Note 1: World Café on Integrating Gender Analysis Women's Worlds 2011 [PDF - 423 kB]

Quick Note 2: Café Scientifique: Sex or Gender? What Difference Does it Make?
[PDF - 528 kB]

Quick Note 3: NEW SGBA e-Learning Resource: Rising to the Challenge
[PDF - 471 kB]

Quick Note 4: ACEWH & SAHARA: Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance
[PDF - 184 kB]

Quick Note 5: In order to change______, we can ______: Change in Practice Girls 2012: A National Conference [PDF - 329 kB]

Quick Note 6: The Food Insecurity-Obesity Paradox as a Vicious Cycle for Women: A Qualitative Study [PDF - 498 kB]

Quick Note 6 (French): Le paradoxe insécurité alimentaire/obésité en tant qu'un (cercle vicieux) pour les femmes: Une étude qualitative [PDF - 371 kB]

Quick Note 7: The status and future of Female Condom (FC) Use in South Africa
[PDF - 326 kB]

Quick Note 8: Issues Related to HIV Among Males Who Have Sex With Males in South Africa [PDF - 326 kB]

Quick Note 9: Combating Gender-Based Violence With E-technologies in South Africa
[PDF - 358 kB]

Quick Note 10: National Health Insurance (NHI) in South Africa: What's in it for Women's Health? [PDF - 327 kB]

Quick Note 11: Weight Expectations: Experiences and Needs of Overweight and Obese Pregnant Women and their Health Care Providers [PDF - 396 kB]

Quick Note 11 (French): Les attentes en matière de poids: Expériences et besoins des femmes enceintes présentant de l'embonpoint ou de l'obésité et de leurs prestataires de soins [PDF - 382 kB]

Quick Note 12: Rethinking LGBTQ Health [PDF - 323 kB]

Quick Note 13: The Physical and Mental Health Status of Prisoners in Provincial Jail and Their Use of Health Care Services During Incarceration [PDF - 361 kB]

Quick Note 14: The Impact of 'mad cow disease' on Farm Family and Community Health [PDF - 347 kB]