Moving Towards Women's Health

Briefings on research and collaboration

MTWH 1: The Caregivers Research Project [PDF - 70 kB]

MTWH 2: Young Women's Experiences in Obtaining Sexual Health Services
and Education in a Nova Scotia Community
[PDF - 75 kB]

MTWH 3: New Brunswick Women's Health Initiative Project [PDF - 59 kB]

MTWH 4: The Guiding Principles Community Consultations Project [PDF - 41 kB]

MTWH 5: Community-Based Research Ethics [PDF - 50 kB]

MTWH 6: Who's on the Line? Women in Call Centres Project [PDF - 104 kB]

MTWH 7: Affirming Immigrant Women's Health: Building Inclusive Health Policy
[PDF - 69 kB]

MTWH 8: The Stories of Women Living with Depression Project [PDF - 75 kB]

MTWH 9: Keeping Canadian Values in Health Care Symposium [PDF - 98 kB]

MTWH 10: Sexual Health Services and Education for Adolescents: Options for Nova Scotia [PDF - 100 kB]

MTWH 11: Challenging Heterosexism: Towards Non-Heterosexist Policy and Regulation in Health and Social Security Agencies [PDF 75 kB]

MTWH 12: Social and Economic Stress: Women's Health in Fishing Communities
[PDF - 68 kB]

MTWH 13: Including Black Women in Health and Social Policy Development: Winning Over Addictions [PDF - 72 kB]

MTWH 14: Equitable Access to Health Care, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention for Recent Immigrant Women Living in Nova Scotia [PDF - 71 kB]

MTWH 15: Women's Health in Atlantic Canada: A Statistical Portrait
[PDF - 70 kB]

MTWH 16: Towards Social and Economic Inclusion: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Atlantic Canada [PDF - 120 kB]

MTWH 17: Voices and Faces: A Qualitative Study of Rural Women and a Breast Cancer Self-Help Group via an Audio Teleconferencing Network [PDF - 100 kB]

MTWH 18: Trying to Work It Out: Women's Experiences in Small Workplaces
[PDF - 69 kB]

MTWH 19: Assessing the Impact of Social Policy Reform on Women's Health
[PDF - 77 kB]

MTWH 20: Women's Definitions and Priorities of Health [PDF - 96 kB]

MTWH 21: PEI Well Women's Clinics: A Case Study of Gender Specific Clinics to Increase Screening Rates [PDF - 70 kB]

MTWH 22: An Exploration of the Stress Experience of Mi'kmaq Female Youth in Nova Scotia [PDF - 75 kB]

MTWH 23: Ethnicity, Income and Access to Health Care in the Atlantic Region: A Synthesis of the Literature [PDF - 127 kB]

MTWH 24: Black Women's Health: A Synthesis of Health Research Relevant to Black Nova Scotians [PDF - 148 kB]