Thinking about women's health

Thinking About Women's Health is a podcast series capturing the oral history of the Atlantic Centre of Excellence of Women's Health. The podcasts highlight a number of projects that were undertaken by ACEWH. A number of former staff members were interviewed as well as key partners who worked with ACEWH in a variety of capacities discussing a range of women's health topics.

You can listen to the podcast series from the links below, or subscribe to our podcast page on iTunes :


  1. Welcome to Thinking About Women's Health with Barbara Clow
    [MP3 - 5.8 MB]
  2. Talking About Social and Economic Inclusion with Linda Snyder
    [MP3 - 13.4 MB]
  3. Working Globally on Gender & HIV/AIDS with Margaret Haworth-Brockman
    [MP3 - 12.8 MB]
  4. An Overview of the Atlantic Summer Institute with Patsy Beattie-Huggins
    [MP3 - 12.4 MB]
  5. Overweight, Obesity and Pregnancy with Jennifer Bernier and Tanya Barber
    [MP3 - 9.8 MB]
  6. The Importance of Community Engagement with Linda Snyder [MP3 - 9 MB]
  7. Looking at the Health of Prisoners and the Availability of Health Care Services During Incarceration with Jennifer Bernier [MP3 - 11.2 MB]
  8. Links Between Food Insecurity, Obesity & Chronic Disease with Andrea Papan
    [MP3 - 8.6 MB]
  9. LGBTQ Health with Ellen Taylor [MP3 - 7 MB]
  10. Farm Family Health with Linda Snyder [MP3 - 9.9 MB]
  11. Rising to the Challenge (SGBA) with Barbara Clow and Jennifer Bernier
    [MP3 - 10.4 MB]
  12. Speaking with CIDA International Youth Internship Program Alumnus James Hamilton Harding [MP3 - 10.4 MB]