SGBA E‑Learning Resource

Unique, online curriculum

The SGBA E-Learning Resource: Rising to the Challenge is the first online curriculum of its kind, allowing health planners, policy-makers, researchers, students and practitioners to learn about sex- and gender-based analysis (SGBA) at their own pace at work or home.

Developed by the Atlantic, Prairie and BC Centres of Excellence for Women's Health, the SGBA E-Learning Resource is a fun and interactive online learning experience that describes the core concepts and process of SGBA and provides ample opportunities to practice SGBA. It includes three sets of modules.

  • The first set of modules includes a discussion and exercises on the core concepts of sex- and gender-based analysis: sex, gender, diversity and equity.
  • The second set is devoted to the process of SGBA and consists of five modules that deal with key aspects of the process: issues, populations, evidence, implications and recommendations.
  • The third provides you with opportunities to practice SGBA and apply it to your work or area of interest.