Password Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will I be notified that my password will expire?
You will receive email reminders at the following intervals: 4 weeks, 3 weeks, 2 weeks, and then daily for the final 7 days prior to password expiration. Information will also appear in the Announcements section of myDal.

Q. How do I stop receiving the reminder emails?
Reminder emails will stop when your password has been successfully changed.

Q. Where do I go to change my password (before it expires)?
If you know your current password, visit then click “Change My Password” and complete the steps.

Q. Where do I go to reset my password (after it has expired)?
If you have forgotten your current password, or it has expired, visit then click “Forgotten or Expired Password” and complete the steps. You may also contact the Service Desk at 902.494.3834 or one of the Help Desks listed at

Q. What if I don’t change my password prior to it expiring?
You’ll be unable to access services requiring you to login with your NetID until you reset your password.  Services include email, calendar, BbLearn, access to wireless, access to services on your mobile devices, DalOnline, some computers, and more. See Question “Where do I go to reset my password (after it has expired)?”

Q. How often will I have to change my password? 
Passwords need to be updated, at a minimum, every 6 months.

Q. Why so often? 
Passwords may be stolen without the knowledge of the victim. They are often not used immediately. Changing it regularly reduces the window of opportunity for an attacker to access the systems you have access to.

Q. Do passwords for project accounts need to be changed now? 
Project accounts will be included at a later date, and notifications will be provided to account holders in advance of that change.

Q. Why do I have to change my password?
An university auditor's report cited the lack of a password expiration and reset policy. An audit committee required the re-institution of a new practice this year.

  • Employees may have access to sensitive and/or critical data of customers and others (e.g. SINs, grades, medical records, banking information).
  • Employees often have access to network resources (e.g. BbLearn, FAMIS, Banner, desktops, email).
  • If changed on a regular basis, it is less likely a compromised account will be used to access information.
  • If someone knows your password, they could potentially use it to access your email, electronic files, pay information, grades and even access your personal financial information.

Q.  What is a Password Reset Email?
It is a non-Dalhousie email (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail), that if registered in the system, can be used as a self-serve option for forgotten/expired passwords. By selecting “Forgotten or Expired Password” from and then selecting “Email”, a link will be sent to the registered email that will allow you to change your password, eliminating the need to contact Support.

Q.  How do I register a Password Reset Email?
You will need to know your current password to complete this step. From select “Register a Password Reset Email” and complete the steps.  Additionally, every time you change your password, you will also be prompted to register a “Password Reset Email” or edit an existing one.

Q. Can you recommend tips to create a strong password?
Requirements for passwords are not changing. The password change process provides instructions to help create a strong password (including using a mix of character types, and 8 to 12 characters in length).

Q. Why does my bank not require me to change my password?
A bank may not require customers to change their password, but they do require their employees to change their password. Employees have access to the data of customers and others. The security standard requires regular password changes.

Q. Where do I go if I require further assistance?
For additional assistance please contact the Service Desk at 902.494.3834 or one of the Help Desks listed at