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Microsoft Office 365


Dalhousie University email is the official means of communication for students, faculty and staff. In the technology environment today and with the increasing use of mobile devices, there is no guarantee that what you send will remain private.

Sending email

  • When appropriate, use alternative methods for sending and sharing highly-sensitive and/or confidential information.
  • Ensure you are sending email to the correct person(s).
  • Avoid overuse of email where possible.
  • Avoid responding to large email lists when not necessary.

Receiving email

  • Beware of email scams, as they cause many people to have their accounts and information compromised. Dalhousie will never ask for your NetID password by email.
  • If you receive sensitive information in an email, avoid forwarding or replying with the sensitive parts included.
  • Avoid opening unexpected attachments or links.

Managing email

  • Password-protect your computer and mobile devices with strong passwords.
  • Employees: consult with your supervisor for appropriate departmental email storage and archiving practices.

Find out more

Visit the following link on the Microsoft website for more information: