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Characterization Facilities

IRM Facilities for Materials Characterization

The Institute for Research in Materials manages the Facilities for Materials Characterization (FMC). The purpose of the FMC is to allow characterization of a wide variety of materials. For information about each pieces of equipment, see the links below.

High-field solid-state NMR spectrometer
Scanning electron microscope (SEM) [PDF - 565kB]
Focused ion beam (FIB) [PDF - 762kB]
X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS) [PDF - 493kB]
Physical property measurement system (PPMS) [PDF - 1MB]
Scanning thermal microscope (SThM) [PDF - 511kB]
GrindoSonic [PDF - 406kB]
Hot press [PDF - 196kB]
Motion recorder/analyzer [PDF - 406kB]
FT Raman Spectrometer [PDF - 530kB]
Differential scanning calorimeter [PDF - 714 kB]

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