Employment Equity Plan


Dalhousie’s Employment Equity Plan (2022-2026) [PDF] provides the university with a set of overarching priorities and concrete actions that will help us enhance the access, opportunity, and success of equity-deserving groups across the institution. 

This Employment Equity Plan distinguishes seven equally important and interconnected priority areas that cover the life cycle of employment here at Dalhousie and proposes over 50 coordinated actions. You can read the Employment Equity Plan Progress Report [PDF] and Actions Taken in Year 1 to learn about the progress that has been made in year one.

Priorities 2 and 3 cover actions Dalhousie needs to implement to improve the recruitment of equity-deserving groups while priorities 4, 5, 6, and 7 cover actions required to improve the retention of equity-deserving groups.

  • Priority 1: Communication and Awareness: enhance communication, education, and awareness related to the Employment Equity Policy and Plan as well as other key employment equity related policies and processes, in alignment with Pillar 2: Inclusive Excellence: 
    • ensure the Dalhousie community fully understands the shared responsibility inherent in the Employment Equity Policy and Employment Equity Plan and share ideas outlining how everyone can help ensure the success of this Plan;
    • ensure leads and co-leads identified in the Plan recognize their responsibilities and are held accountable and responsible to facilitate the implementation of the Plan; and
    • empower members of equity-deserving groups to understand rights and responsibilities within the Plan.
  • Priority 2: Representation: increase the number of equity-deserving individuals within Dalhousie’s workforce, with specific attention to Mi’kmaq and African Nova Scotians.

  • Priority 3: Recruitment: enhance EDIA-related aspects of recruitment, assessment, and selection. This priority is closely related to representation and aims to improve hiring processes and related materials to ensure inclusivity, the consistent application of the Principles of Fair Consideration, and enhance care through the process for equity-deserving job candidates.

  • Priority 4: Benefits and Supports: explore ways to ensure benefits, leaves, and employee supports offered at Dalhousie are inclusive.

  • Priority 5: Development and Advancement: improve opportunities for career development and advancement for equity-deserving faculty and staff.  

  • Priority 6: Education: increase EDIA education, including awareness about the experiences of equity-deserving groups, to empower staff and faculty to address EDIA matters.

  • Priority 7: Recognition: recognize and reward the unpaid labour and community work related to EDIA that has been historically undertaken by members of equity-deserving groups.