New Enhanced Optional Benefits

Effective April 1, 2021, and as part of the university's comprehensive group employee benefits plan, Dalhousie is now offering enhanced Optional Benefits, which will provide employees the opportunity to top up their insurance coverage for added protection at special low group rates, as well as plan for the future. The open enrolment period closed on May 31, 2021.

Benefits Packages for Employee Groups

If you are eligible for benefits, see your relevant package below. Visit pension plan for eligibilty for new employees.

Benefits Information for Retirees

Additional Benefits Resources

Employee Wellness Programs

Dalhousie recently launched a Workplace Wellness Strategy, "Work Well: Ready to be a Better You" to help employees improve their overall well-being, including physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and financial health. Learn more. [log-in required]

  • Health Spending Accounts: Health Spending Accounts (HSA) allow employees a way to balance out areas where the plan isn’t as strong and provide more support to individuals where they need it the most. The HSA provides $750-1000 (depending on employee group) annually for health and dental expenses not reimbursed by the plan, with unused allotments carried over for one year. 
  • Health and wellness: By six months all employees have access to 125 sick days. 
    • There is also the benefit of having discounted membership at Dalplex in Halifax: a 50% cost savings versus a regular community member. For information about Dalhousie’s corporate membership with GoodLife Fitness, visit the Healthy Dalhousie blog
    • Health and safety are important for the well-being of all employees, students, and visitors to campus, and are everyone’s responsibility. For more information, visit Environmental Health and Safety.

Professional Development

The university encourages learning opportunities and professional development for faculty and staff through a tuition assistance program. 

  • Tuition & tuition assistance: Dalhousie prioritizes educational opportunities for its employees. Regular, full-time and part-time faculty and staff (great than 50%) can take two full credits in one academic year free of tuition charges and dependents of that eligible employee group can receive 50% off tuition.
  • Tuition assistance comes in two forms, waivers for Dalhousie courses (up to 2 full credits per academic year) and reimbursement for non-Dalhousie courses. 
  • For information regarding tuition assistance, please refer to your collective agreement or handbook for details specific to your employee group.