Benefits Packages for Employee Groups

If you are eligible for benefits, see your relevant package below. You can also visit Employee Benefits on our HR myDal site for more details [login required]. Visit pension plan for eligibilty for new employees.

Benefits Information for Retirees

Additional Benefits Resources

Employee Wellness Programs

  • Health Spending Accounts: Health Spending Accounts (HSA) allow employees a way to balance out areas where the plan isn’t as strong and provide more support to individuals where they need it the most. The HSA provides $750-1000 (depending on employee group) annually for health and dental expenses not reimbursed by the plan, with unused allotments carried over for one year. 
  • Health and wellness: By six months all employees have access to 125 sick days. 
    • There is also the benefit of having discounted membership at Dalplex in Halifax: a 50% cost savings versus a regular community member. For information about Dalhousie’s corporate membership with GoodLife Fitness, visit the Healthy Dalhousie blog
    • Health and safety are important for the well-being of all employees, students, and visitors to campus, and are everyone’s responsibility. For more information, visit Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Enhanced mental health benefit: In April 2020, Dalhousie introduced an enhanced mental health benefit to eligible faculty and staff (regular, associated and grant-paid employees). This benefit, up to a maximum of $1500, is specific to mental health services, and covers an expanded list of mental health practitioners including psychologists, social workers, counselling therapists, psychotherapists, psychoeducators and Internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT). 
  • Visit Wellness on our HR myDal site [login required] for wellness resources and supports available to faculty and staff.

Professional Development

The university encourages learning opportunities and professional development for faculty and staff through a tuition assistance program. 

  • Tuition & tuition assistance: Dalhousie prioritizes educational opportunities for its employees. Regular, full-time and part-time faculty and staff (great than 50%) can take two full credits in one academic year free of tuition charges and dependents of that eligible employee group can receive 50% off tuition.
  • Tuition assistance comes in two forms, waivers for Dalhousie courses (up to 2 full credits per academic year) and reimbursement for non-Dalhousie courses. 
  • For information regarding tuition assistance, please refer to your collective agreement or handbook for details specific to your employee group.