Support Services


Support Services

Advocacy & Advising

The Centre provides support for any student of African descent to help identify goals and pathways through your post-secondary career at Dalhousie University. We assist you in developing skills that will make you successful learners and outstanding individuals. Assistance is available if you're having difficulty navigating academic expectations, financial management, or the complexity of campus life. Resources are available for one-on-one advising and academic encouragement. We can also act as an advocate if you find yourself involved in the campus academic or non-academic discipline processes. 

Study Skills

Whether you're doing well and want to do better, or if you're experiencing academic difficulty, Study Skills can help you reach your academic potential during your time at Dalhousie.


The Dalhousie Writing Centre offers support in all subjects—from academic assignments to dissertations—for both undergraduate and graduate students. They meet with you individually to discuss your work and also offer events and seminars. A representative from the Writing Centre is available in our office every Wednesday from 1pm–3 p.m.

Mentorship Program

1. High school mentoring: Designed to help prepare grades 10-12 students of African descent for university. A Dalhousie student is paired with a high school student of similar interests with the intent to expose them to various disciplines and offer information on admission requirements, course selection and scholarship criteria.

2. Peer mentoring/tutoring program: Connect students who need help in a specific area with an upper year/grad student who is experienced in that field.

3. Professional mentorship: Designed to foster networking and a lasting relationship with established professionals and Faculty members who are of African descent.