Opt Out

Are you eligible to opt out of the UPass?

Circumstance Documentation required
Your academic program requires that you be outside of the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) for at least 8 consecutive weeks in a semester. Email from your department or faculty confirming where you will be and the dates of your studies, work or research.
You use the Access-a-Bus service or have a CNIB pass. Proof of registration with Access-a-Bus, a copy of your CNIB pass, or an email from your advisor at the Student Accessibility Centre.
You live in an area not served by Halifax Transit (including distance education students). Proof of residence. Examples include a utility bill, lease or mortgage, or home or tenants insurance for your residence. The documentation must be in your name.
You have a medical concern that prevents you from taking transit. Letter from your physician or an email from the Student Accessibility Centre.
You dropped to part-time status. No documentation required. Drop the applicable classes through DalOnline.
You withdrew from the university. No documentation required. Drop your classes through DalOnline.

You can NOT opt out of the UPass if:

  • you choose to drive, bike or walk to campus
  • you live on or near campus
  • your schedule doesn’t allow you to take the bus
  • Summer UPass only: you have picked up your UPass but have not received a complete refund of your full-time fees. There is no grace period for opting out once you have picked up your summer UPass if you initiallly opted in as a student on a placement, clinical, or co-op. Contact the UPass Administration Office if you need to opt out of the summer UPass under extraordinary circumstances. 

How to opt out

  • The opt-out deadline has passed for the 2023/24 academic year.
  • Provide any necessary documentation to upass@dal.ca