Opt In

Who is it for and how does it work?

Full-time students – those taking at least 9 credit hours during a semester – enjoy the benefits of UPass automatically.

The UPass fee is added to their student accounts along with their other fees and no additional action is needed. 

UPass Assessed Terms

  • Fall/Winter term – September to April
  • Winter term only – January to April
  • Summer term – May to August (for those completing at least 9 credit hours at anytime within these summer months)

Some programs, who are not auto assessed by Student Accounts, have the opportunity to opt in to the UPass program as per the criteria below:

Eligibility for Opting In to the Fall/Winter and Winter-only UPass program

  • Completing a co-op, clinical, internship or work placement required for your program in the Halifax region, documents required:
    • Programs using myCareer: show your approved placement on your phone at the DalCard Office or bring a printed copy of your myCareer record showing your approved placement.
    • Programs not using myCareer: bring a letter from your department confirming the dates and location of your placement.
  • Have a permanent disability and your registration is considered full-time by Dalhousie, documents required:
    • An email from your Advising and Access Services advisor, sent to upass@dal.ca.
  • Registered as a Post Graduate Medical Education (PGME). Please advise the DalCard staff that you are a PGME resident when you come to pick up your UPass.

Eligibility for Opting in to the Summer UPass program

  • Summer UPass program opt-in eligibility includes any of the Fall/Winter criteria listed above, as well as the additional programs and courses below:
  • Full-time programs for the winter semester extending past April 30, eligible programs:
    • Diploma in Dental Hygiene
    • DDS Qualifying Program
    • Doctor of Dental Surgery Program
    • Doctor of Medicine
    • Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound
    • Master of Science – Speech Pathology
    • Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy)
    • Doctor of Pharmacy (Years 1-4)
    • Law – Graduate Students
    • Public Administration – Management - Internships
    • Master of Social Work (registered in any of the following SLWK 5002, 5004, 6415 or 7001 and having been registered in the preceding winter semester for spring/summer term 2024 only)

To opt in to UPass:

  1. Send any necessary documentation as outlined below to upass@dal.ca
  2. Pick up your UPass sticker at the DalCard office in person at 6230 Coburg Road. The fee will be added to your student account.