Frequently Asked Questions

What is a NetID and how do I get one?

Your Dalhousie NetID provides access to DalOnline, MyDal, Microsoft 365 Email, Brightspace, computer labs, and many other services.

Submitting this form will initiate the one-time process that will activate your account. Complete details about the process will be displayed after submitting.

What dates does the UPass cover?

The UPass fee for the Fall/Winter is assessed for all full-time students, this covers from September 1 to April 30 of any given academic year. If you are opting in for only the winter term, the coverage is from January 2 to April 30 of any given year and the cost is half of the Fall/Winter term combined fee.

The Summer UPass is assessed for all full-time students and it covers May 1 to August 31 of any given academic year, this is a separate program from the Fall/Winter UPass, and you must meet the criteria located on the website at to participate in the Summer UPass program.

How do I Opt Out?

Please visit the UPass Opt-Out page beginning two weeks prior to the start of each term and click on the UPass opt out waiver form. You will need your NetId and password to access the form. The due date for opting out is located on the UPass website and on under Important Dates.

You cannot Opt Out for the following reasons:

  • you choose to drive, bike, or walk to campus
  • you live on or near campus
  • your schedule doesn’t allow you to take the bus

If I opt out in the Fall, can I opt in for the Winter when I come to campus?

Yes, you can opt in for the winter if you meet the criteria as a full-time student or any of our other specific criteria. Please check the Opt-In page for the most up to date information on opting in.

How do I Opt In?

Please visit the Opt-In page to view the criteria and process to follow.

When can I pick-up my Upass?

Please check the UPass website at the start of each term for the most up to date information on when and where you can pick-up your UPass.

The DalCard and UPass office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4:30 pm.

Please note, as of Dec. 21, 2023, evening hours will no longer be available. Please visit us during our new office hours, from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. 

For DalCard or UPass assistance outside regular office hours, please email

When will I get my UPass waiver refund?

Once the UPass office has received all required information, documentation and/or the return of your Upass sticker if applicable your UPass waiver is sent to student accounts for processing. The waivers will appear on your account a few days prior to the date that your tuition fees are due, this is noted under Important Dates at If your waiver is processed after the deadline, we ask that you allow 3-5 business days for the waiver to appear on your student account.

I Cannot Access the Opt Out waiver Form

Please verify that the deadline for opting out has not passed.

Please try a different browser, and clear any bookmarks and your cache, or launch from the UPass Opt-Out page.

My Opt Out waiver is still not processed

Please ensure that you have provided the required documentation and/or returned your UPass sticker as per the online waiver form instructions. If you have completed everything, please email

I missed the Opt Out Deadline

If you have missed have missed the UPass waiver deadline, please refer to Opt-Out page for more information on if you qualify to opt out and then email with the details of your situation.