Be Smart with your Money

Money Management Tips

Regardless of what student finance or extra funding you receive, you need to make it last. Luckily there are lots of tips, tricks, hacks, and helping hands for students living on a budget.

Here are some more suggestions for being smart with your money:

  • Pre-Departure checklist for new students
    From sorting out a student bank account to packing for univerisity, we prepared a list of things you should consider before the big move. 

  • Online Financial Literacy Tools 
    Access these free financial literacy resources to help you on your way to a healthy financial future and a solid start to your new academic year at Dal!

16 Tips To Save Money

  1. Make a budget & stick to it

  2. Differentiate your expenses – are they discretionary or essential?

  3. What are COVID-19 specific scams? Spot the signs!

  4. Avoid bad debt.  Eg – credit card debt / car loan

  5. Have an emergency fund

  6. If you need a credit card to afford it, you can’t afford it!

  7. Cook your own food. Eating out for every meal can not only be unhealthy but also very costly

  8. Explore student discounts. Being a student has many perks, and one of them is student discounts...

  9. Go with used.  Swap your old stuff for new swag!

  10. Plan your meals - never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry

  11. Make your own coffee & drink water

  12. Always pay bills on time to avoid late fees

  13. Never take out a loan for anything that's unrelated to your education

  14. Choose social activities that don’t cost money

  15. Give ‘Gifts’ of service instead of buying them such as cleaning / walking a dog / delivering groceries

  16. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help


Money Mini Videos

A series of 22 short (3-4 minute) whiteboard style videos, called Money Minis, each one delivering a different money related lesson!

Money Mini #1 - Introduction

Money Mini #2 - Needs and Wants

Money Mini #3 - Minimum Payments

Money Mini #4 - Partial Payments

Money Mini #5 - Never Pay Interest

Money Mini #6 - Restaurants

Money Mini #7 - Cash Advances

Money Mini #8 - Credit Card Fees

Money Mini #9 - Skipping Payments

Money Mini #10 - Using credit cards properly

Money Mini #11 - Bank Accounts

Money Mini #12 - Smart Phones

Money Mini #13 - Payday Loans

Money Mini #14 - Snowball Avalanche

Money Mini #15 - Budget apps

Money Mini #16 - Emergency Funds

Money Mini #17 - Little Things

Money Mini #18 - Pay yourself first

Money Mini #19 - Compound Interest One

Money Mini #20 - Compound Interest Two

Money Mini #21 - The Joneses and Social Media

Money Mini #22 - Big Finish