Dealing with Crises & Managing Debt


Recognizing you're in trouble is the first step

If you're in trouble, reach out! We can help you identify strategies and tools to begin to tackle your issues. You may find the resources below helpful.

Cash Flow Crisis

  • On-campus foodbank: The DSU Foodbank exists to help students in emergency situations. If you need groceries to get you by, pay them a visit.
  • Your department: Many have small jobs students can do to earn extra funds. Ask one of your professors; they may not know of something off-hand, but could point you in the right direction.
  • Work part-time: Finding a job could help you earn a little extra money to help with your expenses.
  • Personal loans: Before heading to a bank, ask your family or supporters for a loan. You'll earn some respect if you come to them with a proposal, in writing, for paying the money back. Then stick to it.
  • Temporary loans: Dalhousie temporary loans lare also available on a short term basis to help fill in the gaps before expected funding comes in.

Are your bills piling up?

Don't hide. If you get in touch with the company you owe money to, they're frequently willing to take partial payment, allow you to skip a payment, or work with you to come up with a repayment schedule.

Look at your budget before getting in touch with them. If you don't have a budget, set one up. See if you can spread the pain out over a couple months. To do this, you'll need to adjust your flexible expenses, such as groceries or entertainment.

Credit card debt, bills and collection agencies

If you're in deeper than you can handle, you may need some expert help. Connect with They will help you through the crisis. It may not be easy but having control over your finances will give you peace of mind.

Personal Counselling

"I should be able to work this out myself" is a common student belief. You're an adult now, right? But financial troubles can be terrifying. They'll affect how you feel about yourself and your relationships. It will help to have someone to talk to. Asking for help may be the most important step to being able to move forward. Contact Dalhousie Counselling Services for support in a stressful time. 

Community Supports

NS 211 has links to services offered by local community and government organizations such as food banks, housing information, and other financial resources.