History of Science and Technology

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


What is the meaning of life, and what is time? How did we come to believe that the earth moves and that we descend from apes? Is there a threat from our technology? And where does religion stand in all of this?

The History of Science and Technology program examines these and other fundamental questions by exploring crucial issues in our encounter with nature, reason and ourselves in the history of Western thought. The program, appealing to both arts and science students, combines philosophical, historical, literary and sociological methods to develop an understanding of the character and development of science and technology from many different viewpoints.

Careers: Archivist
Public administrator
Website: History of Science and Technology
Degree options: Bachelor of Arts (BA) through the University of King’s College
Combined honours
Available as a second subject for BSc students
Length of program: 4 years
Prerequisites: High School courses

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    Political Science
    Science courses
    Social Studies
    A second language