Contemporary Studies

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Description: Today's world is diverse and complex and our assumptions about it are constantly challenged. How is our world distinct from all that has come before? How do biology and culture shape what it means to be human? What is progress? What does it mean to live with the memory of the Holocaust? You'll examine these and other issues through Contemporary Studies. The program helps make sense of today's world by considering the important writers, thinkers and artists of the contemporary period.
Careers: International aid officer
Museum curator
Government policy developer
Website: Contemporary Studies
Program options: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Through University of King's College
Combined honours (through the University of King’s College)
Available as a second subject to BSc students.
Length of program: 4 years
Prerequisites: High School courses
    4 additional university preparatory courses
    Political Science
    A second language
See Admissions Requirements for more information.
Future academic options: Master of Arts