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Joanna Mills Flemming

Apply statistics to any science

Associate Professor Joanna Mills Flemming loves how collaborative her job is. She can work on any research project that needs data analysed, from the environment to heath care.



Finding the right fit

Sarah Ambrose always loved mathematics, but it took her a few tries to find the right university to study at. She found a home in Dalhousie's Statistics Program.



A wise career move

Dal alumna Talia McCallum is a defence scientist for the Canadian Navy. Her statistics degree has served her well: she was hired before she even graduated.



Meet you at the Resource Centre

Statistics and Mathematics share a work hub in the Chase Building—where you can get support, find a tutor, meet other students and make lifelong friendships.


Program Snapshot

Top 7 reasons to study Statistics at Dal:

  1. Size: We are the largest group of statisticians in Maritime Canada and the only program that offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  2. Flexibility: We offer students the flexibility and experience to meet individual academic goals.
  3. Applied science: A highlight of our program is the strong applied research areas of its faculty.
  4. Unique strengths: Our major research areas include Environmental Statistics, Statistical Genetics and Bioinformatics.
  5. Combining programs: We enjoy close research connections with other programs, perfect for students interested in combined degrees.
  6. Accredited: Our undergraduate courses are approved by the accreditation committee of the Statistics Society of Canada.
  7. Skills for work and leisure: Understanding how sports, government, financial or medical stats work helps you navigate life. Plus, it can be fun.


What will I learn?


Studying statistics is a solid education in the application, methodology and philosophy of a discipline applicable to many fields of study. You'll problem solve, do research and learn statistical computing.

What can I do?


Statisticians are in demand. Applied math underpins every science and helps us make informed decisions in all walks of life. Read about how Defense Scientist Talia McCallum applies statistics in her job.