Undergraduate program: Spanish & Latin American Studies

Top 5 reasons to study Spanish at Dalhousie:

  1. Somos como una familia. Our small and intimate program means you’ll get to know our faculty and staff on a first-name basis.
  2. Se nos reconoce en todo el mundo. As the only testing centre in Atlantic Canada for the DELE (Diploma de Espanol–Lengua Extranjera), we offer internationally accredited diplomas of Spanish as a Second Language.
  3. Puedes explorar el mundo. Our exciting and popular study abroad programs allow you to explore the vibrant cultures of Cuba, Mexico, Peru, and Spain.
  4. Nuestros estudiantes son excelentes. You can take advantage of free tutoring sessions by our active senior students, and popular social events hosted by our vibrant student Spanish society.
  5. Participamos en la comunidad. From our students teaching Spanish lessons in neighbourhood elementary schools to being involved in the local Latin dancing scene, we leave our mark on the community.

Career options

Class listening to poet

Spanish is the native language of over 400 million people living in 22 countries. Knowledge of the language is an asset to anyone wanting to work in fields as diverse as international business and journalism.

Study Abroad

CUSCO exchange

Why are our study abroad programs in Cuba, Mexico, Peru, and Spain so popular? Because we know the best (and most exciting) way of learning a language or culture is to get out and immerse yourself in it.