Undergraduate program: Russian Studies

Top 5 reasons to study Russian at Dalhousie:

  1. Culture: You can read Tolstoy, Dostoevsky or Chekhov in translation, but knowing the language gives you deeper access to Russia's many cultural treasures.
  2. Study in Russia: Attend Saint Petersburg State University with Canada's original Russia exchange program.
  3. Active student life: We celebrate Russian culture through a Russian choir, an annual Russian Night, poetry readings and guest speakers.
  4. Employment: Business, media and government seek out grads who know Russian. Alumni have worked for the Saint Petersburg Times, the Novosti Press Agency and Canadian Communications Security Establishment.
  5. New directions: We are the oldest Russian program in Canada but we're not stuck in our ways. In 2007, we started to offer Chinese language courses.

Career options

Students in class

Knowledge of Russian is an asset if you're interested in a career in business, media, science or government or, continue your studies and work as a professor.

Study Abroad

Russian Studies students abroad

Our Intensive Russian Programs allow you to explore Russian in person. Exchanges will improve your language skills and your love for this vibrant country.