Program snapshot

Top 10 reasons to choose Religious Studies at Dal:

  1. Acquire a more thorough understanding of a wide range of social, political, and economic events and cultural conflicts.
  2. Explore your curiosity about the nature of religion in an interdisciplinary framework that can include history, philosophy, gender and women’s studies, sociology and social anthropology, art and architecture, and psychology.
  3. Develop a variety of skills—such as critical thinking and cross-cultural understanding—that will help you in many professional fields.
  4. Discover how people in different ages and cultures all around the world have confronted the challenges of life—and death—by finding purpose and meaning through religion.
  5. Gain insight into the world’s artistic achievements—from Islamic non-figurative art and Buddhist statues to films.
  6. Learn more about your own religious background or practices—and perhaps find your beliefs strengthened.
  7. Find out how religious scholars and thinkers, including Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, Muhammad, Zoroaster, and others, contributed to world religion—and affected how people see their places in the world.
  8. Gain knowledge of faith traditions other than your own—crucial in our increasingly globalized world.
  9. Explore the reasons why religion creates and binds communities together, while sometimes creating conflict between groups, communities, and even individuals.
  10. Understand how different cultures and groups think, act, and live by examining and interpreting various religious rituals.

What will I learn?

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In your Religious Studies courses, you’ll make discoveries about some of the world’s oldest religions and how they’ve helped shape cultures and practices—both in the countries where they first took root and around the world.

What can I do?

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How will studying religion help you in “the real world”? With a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies, you’ll have a number of career options in the private and public sectors, as well as in academia. Find out why 3rd-year student Gerjan Altenburg thinks the Religious Studies program will lead him to an interesting career.