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Comparative politics

Whether you're curious about local government, foreign relations, or political philosophy, Dal's Political Science program has a course for every interest.



Local ideas for international problems

The department's Centre for Foreign Policy Studies is a partner in the Child Soldiers Initiative, founded by retired Lt. General Roméo Dallaire to help end the use of child soldiers.



Urban exploration

Dr. Kristin Good focuses her research on the neglected area of municipal politics. "It's tangible for students because they can actually experience the effects of decisions that are being made.”


Program snapshot

Top 8 reasons to study Political Science at Dal:

  1. We are the home of the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies, which is involved in international projects such as the Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative.
  2. Our European Union Centre of Excellence is the only one in Atlantic Canada, one of only 5 in Canada, and part of a network of just 30 around the world.
  3. Our small class sizes (particularly in the upper years) allow for fantastic one-on-one interaction with professors.
  4. Our faculty members are renowned in their areas of expertise and many have authored award-winning books.
  5. Political science is a good foundation for a career in varied fields such as government, law, journalism, and business. It also complements many other subjects, including economics, history, and international development studies.
  6. We are the best place in Canada to study marine issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, including security, environmental, legal, and historical dimensions.
  7. Our diverse range of courses allows you to study everything from municipal governments to foreign relations and global conflict.
  8. We encourage undergraduate honours students to conduct independent research of their choice, while working closely with faculty members.

What will I learn?


Our courses encourage you to discover the broad reach of the political world. Do politicians really connect with citizens by talking about sports? It's just one question our Sport and Politics course (POLI 3311) tackles.

What can I do?


A degree in political science can lead to much more than just politics. Ever thought about doing the Terry Fox Run in Ho Chi Minh City? A career in international business may allow you to do just that.