Program snapshot

Top 8 reasons to study Philosophy at Dalhousie:

  1. Access: Senior professors often teach junior courses, and class sizes are small compared to other major universities.
  2. Excellence: Faculty are evaluated very highly by students and frequently win top teaching awards.
  3. Community: Professors and students from all over the world present and discuss theories in our our stimulating weekly Colloquia.
  4. Undergraduate Society: Our students put on undergraduate talks, host weekly informal gatherings for intellectual discussion, and edit an undergraduate philosophy journal, Corvus.
  5. Active research: Our faculty win grants and publish regularly in major journals. Research affiliated with the department accounts for 20% of presentations at Canadian Philosophical Association annual meetings.
  6. Comprehensive: Program curriculum covers traditional areas of philosophy, like Ethics, Epistemology and Logic, and newer fields of inquiry like Feminism, Biomedical Ethics and Philosophy of Race.
  7. Well-connected: We help place students who wish to do graduate work in the best Philosophy graduate programs in the world.
  8. Brain power: Philosophy students rate highly on LSAT, GRE and MCAT examinations—at the same level as physics or engineering students.

What will I learn?


In our program, students develop creative thinking, careful reasoning and lucid writing skills. In philosophy courses, you'll learn to think deeply, systematically, rigorously and productively about profound issues of life that affect us all.

What can I do?


Philosophy prepares you for many academic fields and professions. Our grads do well on graduate entrance exams and earn places at top graduate schools. Many major philosophy departments in Canada have faculty with Dal degrees.