Why study Nursing at Dal?

Gain a people-centered foundation and interprofessional experience

Whether caring directly for patients, conducting valuable research or engaged in public policy advocacy, nurses make a difference in the quality of people's lives. Dal's Nursing program will prepare you to apply current evidence and respond with professionalism to the health and illness needs of people in a variety of health-care settings: hospitals, homes, schools, businesses, clinics and communities. At Dal, you'll find flexible program options and hands-on learning opportunities alongside world-class faculty.

Please note: Owing to the limited enrolment and the large number of applicants, this program primarily serves permanent residents of Nova Scotia. However each year a limited number of direct entry (directly from high school) and advanced standing entry (for those with previous university experience) seats are also available for well qualified residents of other Canadian provinces. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Degree overview

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science (Nursing), BScN
Faculty: Faculty of Health
Department: School of Nursing
Campus: Studley Campus, Halifax
Program Length: 2 to 3 years
Program Start: September

What will I learn?

The program curriculum will be completed over three calendar years (eight semesters) for direct entry students and over two calendar years (six semesters) for advanced standing students (qualifying students who have previous university experience), offering graduates the opportunity to enter practice one year earlier.

Beyond studying human anatomy and physiology, you'll explore the broad spectrum of nursing—from proper hygiene practices and mobility protocols to legal issues and medical ethics.

Sample courses:

  • Basic Human Anatomy
  • Health Science Microbiology
  • Nursing and Family Health

Many faculty members at Dalhousie School of Nursing conduct International research. There may be opportunities to work with faculty as research assistants or volunteer in their research labs. Check out faculty researchers and what they do and watch for postings through the Centre for Transformative Nursing and Health Research to work with a research team.

Visit the Academic Calendar to view degree options and course details.

Careers and future study

For nurses, no two days are alike — and for many nurses, that's one of the reasons they do what they do. The scope of nursing covers a broad range of health-care settings. Nurses have a complex role in advocating for patients while striving to assist individuals in reaching an optimal level of wellness and capability. 

A nursing career offers limitless opportunities in practice, education, research and leadership. With the world-wide nursing shortage, graduates of Dalhousie's Nursing program are pursued by national and international recruiters offering competitive employment packages. Dynamic career options can be found in the following areas:

  • hospitals
  • home health care
  • community health
  • long-term care
  • diverse nursing roles such as forensics and informatics

Many nurses who complete graduate degrees move into roles in advanced practice and nursing specialties. Your degree in nursing lays the groundwork for graduate programs in nursing, health administration and interdisciplinary studies.  

Admission requirements

Undergraduate admission requirements vary based on your previous education and your intended program of study at Dalhousie. Learn about our admissions requirements, book a campus tour, or connect with an advisor if you have questions about your eligibility for admission.

View admission requirements

All applicants to Dalhousie's Bachelor of Science (Nursing) program are required to complete a 90-minute computer-based online assessment (CASPer Test) before their application will be reviewed for admission.

Please note: Newly admitted BScN students must be certified in CPR-Health Care Provider (CPR-HCP) level. Cerfitication must be obtained in the year of entrance to the program. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that certification is renewed prior to expiration.

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