Program Snapshot

Top 8 reasons to study Mathematics at Dalhousie

  1. Regional leader: We are the strongest mathematics program in the Maritimes, with close research ties to universities across the region.
  2. Job prospects: Banking, insurance, computer programming and many other hungry job markets seek out our graduates.
  3. Discrete Mathematics: We have close working relationships with theoretical computer science researchers.
  4. Combined programs: Many students from Physics, Computer Science and Economics double major in Mathematics.
  5. Well-rounded approach: Our pure and applied math streams are balanced and strong.
  6. Resource Centre: Find support, tutorials and a community of friends in this busy student hub.
  7. Multi-stream approach: 1st year students can choose from arts, health sciences, or honours calculus courses.
  8. Certificates: Actuarial and Financial or Applied and Computational Mathematics Certificates prepare you for future careers.

What will I learn?


Learn to problem solve, think logically and apply your knowledge to any field. From pure and applied to financial and computational math, we offer a well-rounded education in mathematics.

What can I do... ?


Whatever you want to become, mathematics will be useful for you. Our grads are employed in health sciences, insurance, banking, pharmaceuticals or, like alumnus Dr. Sageev Oore, computer science.