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More than calculus and algebra

Honours student Abdullah Al-Shaghay likes the variety of topics he studies in the mathematics program. He works in groups to develop new solutions to classic problems.



Learn to think clearly

Mathematics professor Jeannette Janssen says mathematics trains you to think logically and problem solve creatively: skills you can take into any walk of life.



Meet you at the Resource Centre

Statistics and Mathematics share a work hub where you can get support, tutoring, meet other students and make lifelong friendships.



Why mathematics is like music

Alumnus Sageev Oore teaches computer science and is a professional pianist. Math and music are similar, he says, in that practice builds up knowledge and students learn a lot by imitation.


Program Snapshot

Top 8 reasons to study Mathematics at Dalhousie

  1. Regional leader: We are the strongest mathematics program in the Maritimes, with close research ties to universities across the region.
  2. Job prospects: Banking, insurance, computer programming and many other hungry job markets seek out our graduates.
  3. Discrete Mathematics: We have close working relationships with theoretical computer science researchers.
  4. Combined programs: Many students from Physics, Computer Science and Economics double major in Mathematics.
  5. Well-rounded approach: Our pure and applied math streams are balanced and strong.
  6. Resource Centre: Find support, tutorials and a community of friends in this busy student hub.
  7. Multi-stream approach: 1st year students can choose from arts, health sciences, or honours calculus courses.
  8. Certificates: Actuarial and Financial or Applied and Computational Mathematics Certificates prepare you for future careers.

What will I learn?


Learn to problem solve, think logically and apply your knowledge to any field. From pure and applied to financial and computational math, we offer a well-rounded education in mathematics.

What can I do... ?


Whatever you want to become, mathematics will be useful for you. Our grads are employed in health sciences, insurance, banking, pharmaceuticals or, like alumnus Dr. Sageev Oore, computer science.