Undergraduate program: International Development Studies

Top 5 reasons to study IDS at Dalhousie:

  1. Global citizenship: We build citizens who think critically with a global perspective.
  2. Meaningful change: Courses try to balance theory with applied action.
  3. Experiential learning program: Combine community action with academic reflection.
  4. Study abroad: We offer one of the strongest exchange programs to Cuba in Canada.
  5. Design your degree: An interdisciplinary approach gives you freedom to take Biology, Spanish, History, Sociology classes and more...

Career options

Alumni: Austin

One of International Development Studies' great strengths lies in its flexibility as an interdisciplinary program, which will prepare you to follow your unique passions. 

Experiential learning

Demonstration for ELP class

We emphasize action and academics. In our Experiential Learning Program (ELP), students work in the community, and reflect on their actions in class.