Undergraduate program: Gender and Women's Studies

Top 5 reasons to study Gender and Women's Studies at Dalhousie:

  1. Multidisciplinary perspective: Benefit from the diverse GWST profs, who come from a range of disciplines, including journalism, law, international development studies, English, philosophy, history, sociology, health and human performance, music, and economics.
  2. Sharing experiences: GWST encourages women and men to exchange ideas and experiences with each other, and to explore and respect differences.
  3. A woman’s place? Discover theories that redefine, recreate, and revalue women's current and past contributions to society.
  4. Community involvement: Get hands-on experience working with various advocacy groups, human rights organizations, and other groups.
  5. Justice for all: Discover how sexism, classism, racism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression have contributed to injustice—and how you can work with others to make society more equitable.

Career options


Studying Gender and Women’s Studies at Dal will encourage you to develop the critical and analytical thinking skills you’ll need for a wide variety of careers.

A critical understanding

students working together

Discover theories about the social construction of gender, and the factors that come into play in women's and men's identity construction.