Undergraduate program: Creative Writing

Top 5 reasons to study program at Dalhousie:

  1. Take Creative Writing as part of a double major or combined honours—or you can take a prose or poetry workshop as an elective, just for fun.
  2. Learn about the writer's craft by reading and critiquing your peers’ work—while getting feedback on your own writing.
  3. Choose from workshops in poetry, fiction, narrative non-fiction, and playwriting.
  4. Develop a range of useful skills: writing, speaking, lateral thinking—and diplomacy, as you find the best way to critique your classmates’ work.
  5. All our instructors are published poets, dramatists, journalists, short-story writers or novelists who can offer their personal insights into the writing process.

Career options

Alumni: Harvie

Magazine features writer. Playwright. Film script writer. Novelist. Web writer. The communication skills you learn in our Creative Writing courses will ready you for a variety of careers.  

Workshop courses

Students in a workshop

Whether you prefer poetry, prose, playwriting, or narrative non-fiction, workshop courses in the Creative Writing program will help you discover and develop your own unique writing “voice.”