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Program snapshot

Top 7 reasons to study Community Design at Dal:

  1. Our professors come from a broad range of backgrounds and most are active in their professions—from planners and architects to designers and landscape architects.
  2. Our interdisciplinary approach means you’ll be taking advantage of Dal’s expertise in environmental science, environmental studies, urban history, policy management, architecture, and more.
  3. We offer five program options, including Environmental Planning and Urban Design Studies streams, and a double major option with Sustainability.
  4. Through our internships in the honours program, and research institute (Cities and Environment Unit), you get real-life, hands-on experience working on community projects.
  5. Our honours majors degrees are recognized as first professional degrees by the Canadian Institute of Planners.
  6. Our students are active in professional groups such as the Canadian Institute of Planners, the Atlantic Planners Institute, the Licenced Professional Planners of Nova Scotia, and the Canadian Association of Planning Students.
  7. You’ll be part of a tight-knit program in one of the most vibrant, student-friendly cities in the country.

What will I learn?


Our courses develop the skills and knowledge you'll need to start a career in community design. From understanding the landscape to learning different design techniques, you'll be informed, enlightened, and equipped with the right tools.

What can I do?


Community Design graduates are in demand. As we recognize that our cities need to grow in different ways than in the past, and that growth needs to protect our natural resources, we turn to planners and designers to create livable environments.