Program snapshot

Top 7 reasons to study Chemistry at Dal:

  1. Expertise: We offer the most comprehensive range of faculty and courses in Atlantic Canada.
  2. Support: From text to tutorials, we customized our first-year Chemistry program to nurture your inner scientist.
  3. Award-winning teachers: Chemistry faculty regularly win top teaching awards on campus.
  4. Mentorship: Second- and third-year students pair up with faculty who guide and mentor them.
  5. Research: Our active research community gives you many opportunities to do real, paid lab research with graduate students and faculty.
  6. Concept room: Get added help in our drop-in centre, staffed by senior students, faculty and graduate students.
  7. Career options: As a central science, chemistry influences many other sciences. An undergraduate degree in chemistry lets you pursue many careers.

What will I learn?


From first year to your final year, our program enables you to succeed and our faculty expertise prepares you to practise any field of chemistry.

What can I do?


From the food we eat to the technology we use, chemistry affects our lives in many ways. It's no surprise then, that a chemistry degree leads to many careers.