Study at the Faculty of Agriculture in Truro

Located one hour from Halifax in Truro, NS, Dalhousie's Agricultural Campus is a great place to study, work and live.

Top 5 reasons to study Bioveterinary Science at Dalhousie:

  1. One of a kind: Dal's Bioveterinary Science program is the only named program of its kind in Canada.
  2. Training you can touch: Your education includes hands-on, practical experience with animals, from sheep to shellfish.
  3. Vet-ready: Students have completed all of the required courses to apply to veterinary medicine programs after two years of Bioveterinary Science.
  4. Academic options: Your degree prepares you for graduate study in animal science, aquaculture, biological sciences, veterinary and human medicine and more.
  5. Choose a career: Graduates are trained for success in fields like animal nutrition, food safety, conservation, animal welfare, veterinary research and pharmaceuticals.

What will I learn?

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With core science courses like Biology, Chemistry and Genetics and specialized courses like Animal Physiology, Microbiology, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy and Veterinary Immunology, you'll develop a solid science foundation and targeted expertise.

What can I do?

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Bioveterinary Science can prepare you for a career in veterinary medicine – and much more. From further study in animal science or medicine to rewarding careers in animal care, food safety or business, this program takes you where you want to go.