Funding & support


Many of our graduate students successfully secure scholarships from major granting agencies such as SSHRCCIHRNSHRF and the Wenner Gren to support their studies. The Faculty of Graduate Studies has a comprehensive listing of Scholarships and Bursaries that can be found here.  We also offer limited financial assistance through Dalhousie Graduate Fellowships and Teaching Assistantships.

Professional development

Teaching opportunities and Teaching Assistantships

Graduate students normally hold teaching assistantships at some point during their program, pending availability. The department holds a Teaching Assistant orientation workshop in September to all incoming students awarded a teaching assistantship. Teaching Assistants at Dalhousie University are unionized.  

Departmental resources permitting, doctoral students are also given the opportunity to teach an undergraduate class at least once prior to the completion of their program, generally after approval of the thesis proposal.

Dalhousie’s Centre for Teaching and Learning offers training sessions, as well as a Certificate in University Teaching and Learning (CUTL).

Departmental Colloquium

The department runs a visiting speaker's series and colloquium. The series has a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Graduate students are expected to attend regularly.

How much will it cost?

Calculate the cost of your graduate degree

How much will your Dalhousie grad program cost in an average year? Use the Fee Calculator to figure it out.