Samanth Scott

Program Officer - Decommissioning and Demolition

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories - Chalk River, ON


  • BSc (Hons Biology), University of Toronto, 2008
  • MLIS/MREM, Dalhousie University, 2012

Career Path

Since graduating, I have held positions in both Information and Environmental and Resource Management fields, in which I:

  • Developed and managed programs;
  • Developed and submitted plans and reports to regulators or independent auditors;
  • Responded to requests for information from stakeholders;
  • Worked for public, K-12 schools, and special libraries;  and
  • Provided governance on information management practices.

Each degree and subsequent position held has provided a sound knowledge base, and has left me the ability to jump between the Information field and the Resource and Environmental Field, increasing the opportunities available to me.  

Information Management in Action

Obtaining the combined degree has provided me more flexibility in applying to non-traditional organizations. The skills I gained during my time at SIM have been an asset in every position I have held since graduating. Even now, for the work I am completing for Decommissioning and Demolition,  I need to find information on past land uses at a particular location and ensure that documentation and records are complete. In addition, we need to be able to retain documents for long time period, so when items are decommissioned the records are viable.

Last words

  1. Network, network, network. I constantly go back to the network for advice and professional development.
  2. Having trouble getting experience? Volunteer in the area you are interested in to meet people and make connections.
  3. For the combined degree, join associations and groups from both your programs. Integrate what you are learning in one program into the other, even if that is making up your own course.