SRES Student Society

Bringing SRES together

Looking for a way to meet other students and get to know your professors? Whether you’re a member of the executive, a volunteer or you simply attend our events, the SRES Student Society (SRESSS) is a great way to get involved.

In the past, we’ve organized everything from hiking and camping trips to intramural teams to parties. Want to know more about our events? Check our Facebook page to connect with other students and stay up to date on everything that’s happening.

Choose your representatives

If you’re a student enrolled at SRES, you’re automatically a member of SRESSS. As a part of the legislative body, you’re invited to attend and participate in general meetings, and your voice will be heard when it’s time to elect new executive members. Remember, you need to choose representatives who will uphold the SRESSS objectives:

  • communicating the academic concerns of members to faculty and staff
  • liaising between students and professionals
  • engaging with other Faculty of Management schools and student societies
  • involving members in community outreach projects
  • promoting professional and social fellowship among students, alumni and faculty

Interested in getting involved? Contact us at

Events Calendar

Social and academic events all year round

Visit the departmental events calendar to see the latest readings and get-togethers happening in the School for Resource and Environmental Studies.