Awards & grants

Supporting our graduate students

Dalhousie Psychology and Psychology/Neuroscience students can access a variety of funding options to support graduate studies and research. These range from awards to grants to compensation for teaching assistantships.

Graduate awards

D.O Hebb Post-Graduate Prize

Students entering a graduate program in Psychology are eligible to receive this prize. It is awarded to students who have, in the judgement of the Graduate Program Committee, demonstrated a potential to make significant scientific contributions. Offers of the Hebb Prize may accompany a student's acceptance letter. The prize was established in 1988, and one or two have been awarded each year since 1989. The prize is paid on top of whatever other scholarship and teaching assistantships the winner may already hold. Most recently this prize was valued at $1,000. Students do not need to apply for this prize.

A.S. Mowat Prize
Students may submit an application to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) for the A.S. Mowat Prize, which is intended to recognize outstanding achievement in the first year of a master's program. Applications are due in October and must be submitted directly to FGS. Application forms and further information can be obtained from the FGS website.

Additional institutional and national scholarships

Some institutional and national scholarships require an application from the student. The most common scholarships are:

Scholarship Availability Deadline
TRi-council graduate Scholarships (PGS and CGS) National December
Killam Scholarship Institutional See Harmonized Process
Eliza Richie Doctoral Scholarship for Women Institutional See Harmonized Process
The Vitamin Scholarship Institutional See Harmonized Process
NS Black and First Nations
Institutional See Harmonized Process

Dalhousie Graduate Fellowships

Students who do not receive external scholarships or support are guaranteed a minimum level of financial support through the Dalhousie Graduate Fellowship.

The Dalhousie Graduate Fellowship is non-competitive funding provided from internal university sources and faculty grants. Students who are making satisfactory progress in the program and have applied for all funding sources recommended by their supervisor are eligible for these funds.

Further information

More awards, scholarships and grants

Please visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies funding opportunities section for a comprehensive list of financial support options at Dalhousie.